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Shaping words to thoughts is no simple task. The art of writing requires nurture and support. I find reading the best authors to be quite helpful – they create beautiful collections of words that are well done. As an aside, I’ve recently started to explore text mining statistics – the great writers' works are not only philosophically beautiful, they’re mathematically breath-taking. Time spent writing quietly can pay rich dividends in the most unexpected of places. From writing compliance narratives, to composing an email to a hard-worked student, to sharing my love of data, I enjoy shaping narratives both informative and approachable.

Statistical Programming and Data Models

Carry out a variety of advanced statistical analyses including generalized additive models, mixed effects models, multiple imputation, machine learning, and missing data techniques using R. Each chapter starts with conceptual background information about the techniques, includes multiple examples using R to achieve results.

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Data Programming and the Cloud

This book will show you how to manipulate data in modern R structures and includes connecting R to data bases such as SQLite, PostgeSQL, and MongoDB. The book closes with a hands-on section to get R running in the cloud. Each chapter also includes a detailed bibliography with references to research articles and other resources that cover relevant conceptual and theoretical topics.

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Beginning R

Beginning R, is a hands-on book showing how to use the R language, write and save R scripts, read in data files, and write custom statistical functions as well as use built-in-functions. This book shows the use of R in specific cases such as one-way ANOVA analysis, linear and logistic regression, data visualization, parallel processing, bootstrapping, and more. It takes a hands-on, example-based approach with clear explanations.

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Reviewed Book

"I really like how quickly Eric gets his readers into k-nearest neighbours and cross-validation."

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Reviewed Book

"This extraordinarily well-crafted resource provides accessible pseudocode along with rigorous proofs, and of course C++ implementations, of highly relevant and modern assessment of prediction and classification efficacy."

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Community College Blog

I wrote a weekly blog that usually discussed current events in organizational leadership or assessment.

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With experience in R, C++, SQL, and community college assessment, accreditation, administration, and student engagement, I enjoy writing, consulting, and reviewing technical texts for current practicioners.

Elkhart Group LLC

Elkhart Group LLC is an innovative data science company that employs cutting edge statistical models, research experience in health sciences and health economics, and business experience in corporate efficiency and assessment. We provide both academic and business clients with custom analytic solutions and expert statistical consultation.

Elkhart Group LLC

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