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UCR Physics 2000 Classroom

I would like to thank everyone who ever taught me. Only a very few people are formally listed below. Indeed, some teach me very much indeed without knowing they do it - my students are often a great example of this.

All the same, without the time and knowledge shared with me by those listed below, I would not be me. So regardless of how many lectures I skived off, spurned, or slept through at the time, a (hopefully) wiser me says: "Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge."

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela 16 July 2003

I sat these courses at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, the University of California - Riverside, California State University - San Bernardino, and San Bernardino Valley College.

Course NumberCourse NameInstructorUnits
ACCT 5312 Foundations of Accounting Steven D. Hall, PhD 3 (semester) 
ACCT 5315 Accounting Topics - Managerial Valrie Chambers, PhD 3 (semester) 
AS 101 Air Force Today I Major Jeff Ohman 1
AS 102 Air Force Today II Major Jeff Ohman 1
AS 103 Air Force Today III Lt. Col. Eugene Doremus & Msgt. Lisa Glidden  1
AS 98A Leadership Laboratory Major Kevin Kuhn N/A 
AS 98B Leadership Laboratory Major Kevin Kuhn N/A 
AS 98C Leadership Laboratory Major Kevin Kuhn N/A 
BIO 002 Cellular Biology Richard Cardullo, PhD 4
CHE 190 Internship in Chem. Engin. Jiangzhon Wu, PhD & Dapeng Cao, PhD 4
CS 010 Intro to C++ I Brian Linard, PhD 4
CS 012 Intro to C++ II Wagner Truppel, MS 4
CS 014 Algorithm Development C++ Wagner Truppel, MS 4
CS 061 Machine Org. & Assembly Language Brian Linard, PhD 4
CS 120A Logic Design Vladimir Fonoberov, PhD 5
CS 141 Inter. Algorithm & Data Structures Stefano Lonardi, PhD 4
CS 150 Formal Languages & Automata Theory Tao Jiang, PhD 4
CS 183 Unix Administration Victor Hill, MS 4
ECON 003 Micro Economics Anil B. Deolalikar, PhD 4
ECON 5311 Foundations in Economics Jim Lee, PhD 3 (semester) 
ECON 5315 Managerial Economics  3 (semester) 
EDUC 100 Peer Counseling Practicum Michelle Butler, MA 2
EDUC 110 Educational Psychology Raymond Hurst, PhD 4
ENGL 001A Beginning Composition Lisa Cusack, MA 4
ENGL 001B Argumentative Composition Dane Barca, PhD & JD 4
ENGL 001C Applied Intermediate Composition Karen L. Polster, PhD 4
FINA 5311 Financial Management Concepts  3 (semester) 
FINA 5320 Managerial Finance Armand Picou, PhD 3 (semester) 
FINA 5335Multinational Finance 3 (semester)
FINA 5370Personal Finance 3 (semester)
HIST 015 World History 1500-1900 Catherine Allgor, PhD 4
LING 020 Language & Linguistics Heidi Walsh, PhD 4
Math 102 College AlgebraHaragewen Kinde, EdD 3 (semester)
Math 005 Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus Amanda Brown, MS 5
Math 009A Derivative Calculus Albert Stralka, PhD 4
Math 009B Integral Calculus Richard Reid, MS 4
Math 009C Series Calculus Ziv Ran, PhD 4
Math 010A Derivative Multivariable Calculus Ziv Ran, PhD 4
Math 010B Integral Multivariable Calculus Ziv Ran, PhD 4
Math 046 Ordinary Diff. Equa. John Baez, PhD 4
Math 112 Finite Mathematics Nick Nirshl, PhD  4
Math 120 Optimization Nick Nirshl, PhD  4
Math 121 Game Theory Neil Gretsky, PhD 4
Math 131 Matrix Linear Alg. John Baez, PhD 4
Math 132 Linear Alg. Theory Frederick Wilhelm, PhD 4
Math 144 Set Theory Albert Stralka, PhD 4
Math 145A Intro. to Topology Albert Stralka, PhD 4
Math 145B Topology - Point Set Sam Nelson, PhD 4
Math 151A Advanced Calculus Feng Xu, PhD 4
Math 151B Advanced Calculus Bruce Chalmers, PhD 4
Math 151C Advanced Calculus Zhuang-dan Guan, PhD 4
Math 153 History of Mathematics Albert Stralka, PhD 4
Math 165A Intro. to Complex Mario Maican, PhD 4
Math 171 Intro. to Abstract Alg. Vyjayanthi Chari, PhD 4
Math 172 Abstract Algebra Jacob Greenstein, PhD 4
Math 201A Algebra - Groups & Rings David Rush, PhD 4
Math 201B Algebra - Module Theory Jacob Greenstein, PhD 4
Math 201C Algebra - Galois Theory Vyjayanthi Chari, PhD 4
Math 205A Topology - Point Set Frederick Wilhelm, PhD 4
Math 205B Topology - Algebraic Reinhard Schultz, PhD 4
Math 205C Topology - Differential Stefano Vidussi, PhD 4
Math 209A Analysis - Measure Theory Marta Asaeda, PhD 4
Math 209B Analysis - Topology Qi Zhang, PhD 4
Math 209C Analysis - Fourier & Distributions Feng Xu, PhD 4
Math 210A Complex Analysis - Integrals Bruce Chalmers, PhD 4
Math 210B Complex Analysis - Theory Yat Sun Poon, PhD 4
Math 223 Algebraic Number Theory Mei-Chu Chang, PhD 4
Math 225 Commutative Algebra David Rush, PhD 4
Math 227A Lie Algebras Jacob Greenstein, PhD 4
Math 227B Lie Algebras Vyjayanthi Chari, PhD 4
Math 260 Algebraic Geometry Seminar Mei-Chu Chang, PhD 2+2 
Math 260 Lie Algebras Seminar Vyjayanthi Chari, PhD 2+2+2+2 
Math 260 Commutative Algebra Seminar David Rush, PhD 2+2+2+4 
Math 302 TA Training / Practicum A. Stralka, PhD & V. Chari, PhD 4 * 10 = 40 
MGMT 5310 Organizational Behavior and Communication  3 (semester) 
MGMT 5320 Organisational Behaviour and Theory Karen Middleton, PhD 3 (semester) 
MGMT 5355Admin Strategy & PolicyKaren Middleton, PhD 3 (semester)
MISY 5325 Software Based Business Solutions Chuleeporn Changchit, PhD 3 (semester) 
MKTG 5311 Marketing Concepts  3 (semester) 
MKTG 5320Marketing Management 3 (semester)
OPSY 5315 Operations Mangement Mohan Rao, PhD 3 (semester) 
PHYS 040A General Physics John Ellison, Ph.D 5
PHYS 040B General Physics Gail Hansen, PhD 5
PHYS 040C General Physics Kenneth N. Barish, PhD 5
Psych 001 Intro to Psychology I Katie Wilson, MA 4
Psych 002 Intro to Psychology II Ruth Chao, PhD 4
RLST 12 Amerindian/Vodou Myths and Rituals Laura Ammon, PhD 4
STAT 155 Probability & Statistics Robert J. Beaver, PhD 4

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