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Transformational Leadership

Developing long-term organisational excellence is key. By promoting listening above talking, the leader consciously crafts an environment where everyone is empowered to create real results and sustainable improvements. Similar to the best classrooms, each individual earns ownership of vital skill sets as the leader scaffolds supports and resources for the institution’s journey.

Data Science

Long-term, incremental, and sustainable gains are achievable by taking an honest look at data. Using R, C++, SQL, and secure clouds, it is possible to release near-time visualisations across an organisation, so every partner understands the past, present, and future of key performance indicators. On-message, team cohesion is vital to tap combined creativity and work-product, and good data science supports an information rich environment.


With a strong background in developing and implementing organisational excellence and strategic quality, meaningful opportunities to shepherd effective operational enhancements are welcome. For the short-term this includes working on multidisciplinary groups while long-term goals include serving on upper leadership teams supporting broad organisational success efforts.

Recent Work

KPI Dashboard
Data Programming and the Cloud
Statistical Programming and Data Models
SACSCOC Talk December 2017

Brief Bio

Matt WileyMatt Wiley is a tenured, associate professor of mathematics with awards in both mathematics education and honour-student engagement. He earned degrees in computer science, business, and pure mathematics from the University of California and Texas A&M systems.

He is the director of quality enhancement at Victoria College, assisting in the development and implementation of a comprehensive assessment program to enhance institutional performance outcomes. Outside academia, he is managing partner at Elkhart Group LLC, a statistical consultancy.

A programmer, a published author, a mathematician, and a transformational leader, Matt has always melded his passion for writing with his joy of logical problem solving and data science. From the boardroom to the classroom, he enjoys finding dynamic ways to partner with interdisciplinary and diverse teams to make complex ideas and projects understandable and solvable.

Elkhart Group LLC

Elkhart Group LLC is an innovative data science company that employs cutting edge statistical models, research experience in health sciences and health economics, and business experience in corporate efficiency and assessment. EGL provides both academic and business clients with custom analytic solutions and expert statistical consultation.

Elkhart Group LLC

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Master of Business Administration - General Focus (2013)

Master of Science - Mathematics (2008)

Bachelor of Science - Pure Mathematics & Comp. Sci. Minor (2006)

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